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Hi, I'm Izzie. 24. Germany. I love Tv and Cappuccino more than I should. I can't live without music. Some of my favorite shows are:

AMERICAN HORROR STORY. GAME OF THRONES. The X-Files. Suits. Happy Valley. Last Tango in Halifax. The Newsroom. Six Feet Under. The Killing. Orange is the new Black. The Fall. The West Wing. Bates Motel. The Big C. Weeds. Friday Night Lights. Downton Abbey. Shameless US. Breaking Bad. Friends. Scott&Bailey. Broadchurch.

People who ruin my life:
Maria Schrader <3.Cate Blanchett. Lena Headey. Meryl Streep. Gillian Anderson. Vera Farmiga. Sarah Rafferty. Lily Rabe. Laura Linney. Jessica Lange. Sarah Lancashire. Allison Janney. Suranne Jones. Emily Mortimer. Connie Britton. Michelle Dockery. Sarah Paulson. Mary- Louise Parker.Kristen Wiig. Tina Fey. Julianne Moore. Patricia Clarkson.

The X Files ruined my life.

Oh, and I LOVE movies!
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